Gmc 7000 specs

Gmc 7000 specs

GMC and Chevrolet Medium duty trucks have almost forever been sharing common trucks with only slight styling differences. These could be grilles, badges, names, or simply between a bowtie or GMC in the front. Anyways, this page will start basically in the late 60's mediums, like the green truck pictured at right. For a long period of time, GM medium duties have been based on the full-size pickup's cab, if not their chassies and drivetrain.

The advantage to this is having common styling throughout the model line, yet having more durable components. The mediums during this time were called the 40, 50, and 60 series for Chevy, and, and for GMC.

This had been originally designed in the mid Fifties, and remained practically unchanged. They were spartan, yet normal for trucks at this time period. Of the two, the tilt was the moreso of the two. Due to the cab materials of the tilt, they were often referenced to by users and the factory as "Steel Tilts". The conventionals were often used for construction, bulk, and bus applications, whereas the tilts were primarily used for tractor-trailer and refuse applications.

Engines available at this time were both gas and diesel. Allison automatic transmission sat this time were only available as a 6 speed on conventionals. Tilts were stuck with manuals. Also, conventionals were available with PTOs, and even tandem axles, whereas tilts were not. Some heavy duty trucks were based off the mediums, called the 70, 80, and 90 series. These eventually changed to a different design, and evolved into the Brigadier and Bruin. The main difference was a different grille and wider fenders.

Also, using the same tilt cab, the Heavy Duty tilts, as series 70 and These were available with six and eight cylinder gas and diesel engines, along with tandem axles. The new line was based off the all-new design of full-size pickups that was recently introduced. These trucks featured fresh styling in the market, and with their ruggedness and affordability, they became fairly popular with people.

The names for these trucks were the C, C, C and the, and As can be seen from this picture, the Steel Tilt models were continued with only minimal changes overall.

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For the Chevrolet, trim was offered in the usual Base, Cheynene, and Silverado trim levels. This was the heaviest model available, the C and the These hoods were exclusive to the C and trucks-only a steel aligator or a normal-looking fiberglass tilt hood.

First, as the numerical name implies, it was able to have a greater GCWR weight rating then a normal medium duty. Also, the new Caterpillar diesel engine was standard in the Top Kick, and only the 8.Even the Serial Number can leave one guessing at the year.

The first two digits of the four digit model designation system indicate the basic series model while the last two digits represent the wheelbase.

More correctly, in the intent has been to have the last two digits represent a code for determining the CA dimension. Wheelbase designations range from 01 60" CA to 29 " CA increasing by six inch increments. It is readily apparent that 02 wheelbase designation denotes 66 inch CA, 03 denotes 72 inch CA, etc. Next add this result to 60 inches for the correct CA. It was truck number off the line for "G" series trucks.

The first letter in the second set is the truck Series. If there was no major change made in a truck, the series letter stayed the same, like on a school bus chassis. The series letter for is "G".

There was not any more major changes for this body style. The last letter is GVW class. This tag will be mounted on the inside of the dash compartment door or on the inside of the left door. Location; "B" model left hand inner cowl, "L" model left hand door hinge pillar, "F" model left hand door, "S" "P" model located by body builder. The larger trucks also had a running board under the cab. They had the opening coved with a wire mesh. The Grilles on GMC trucks of this generation remained the same for the seven years.

They were the dual headlight design with the light assemblies housed in pods. The two pods had a horizontal bar connecting them.

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Under this bar the flattened block GMC letters were suspended. The though GMC's had the wraparound windshield, through had the more rectangular flat windshield.Why don't fictional characters say "goodbye" when they hang up a phone? All Rights Reserved. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. Hottest Questions.

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Previously Viewed. Unanswered Questions. Weight and Mass. How much does the average gmc series truch weigh? Wiki User I have a GMC dump truck with a 14' bed that weighs around 11, pounds unloaded. Hope that helps. Related Questions Asked in Factoring and Multiples Will braun series foil fit series razor? Yes, the series foil and cutter will fit the series Braun Razors.

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Heavy Duty Gmc 7000 Trucks for Sale

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GMC 7000 8.2L Fuel Sipper Detroit Diesel Dump Truck Heater Hose Replacement

Asked in Small Business and Entrepreneurship How much money is invested in the average small business? Asked in Rice How many grains of rice are in an average bowl? Asked in Elephants Average weight of a female elephant? Female African elephants stand at around 7. Female Indian Elephants are around a feet shorter than their African counterparts and weigh around to pounds in weight. Trending Questions.Join Date: Mar Location: Southwest Ontario, Canada. Posts: After looking and driving many trucks, I bought the above mentioned truck with a 21' van body on it.

I'm having trouble finding info on the engine, and am not yet ready to spring for a couple hundred for service and parts manuals. Does anybody have, or know where I can find on line basic info such as fluid capacities, correct filter PN's, spec.

Von Trapp: I think you were right about that Ford. Thanks, JP. Sponsored links. Join Date: Nov Posts: 4, I don't have much data on the 8. But, they were and still are running in many of the Army's 6x6 trucks. Pretty simple engines, not big on HP, most are non turbocharged. To me, they were similar in power to the CAT V8 engines. For in town work, it will do the job.

They're much better with a turbo, but naturally aspirated they're OK; just a little smokey. RAF might have some links for the 8. Dunno, something just didn't feel right about that truck. Join Date: Jan Posts: 19, One of my customers uses these motors in his concrete cutting trucks.What we have here is a GMC Pickup Truck withmiles on the odometer; this pickup is finished in Red which is complemented by a Black Vinyl interior.

Overall, this truck is in extremely good condition both aesthetically and mechanically. She is big, strong and drives perfectly. All gears and the clutch operate as they should and she has plenty of power. We installed a tailgate which was missing and also a rear view camera to simplify backing up!!

She has twin tanks and the rubber is in good condition.

gmc 7000 specs

These old trucks are highly desirable, especially when in this condition and as such, we do not expect her to last long. We have priced her to provide you the best deal on a truck of this caliber. My name is Paul please call me direct with any questions - my cell phone is always with me at or you can email me anytime at paul silverstonemotorcars.

I promise you will enjoy your experience at Silverstone Motorcars. We'll gladly pick you up at the airport or deliver this vehicle to your doorstep. Engine Engine Type Gasoline. Body Body Color Red.

Basic Year Interior Interior Color Tan. Engine Size - V8. Email Us Contact Details Name. Last name.

GMC 3500-9500 Year & Model Information

Outlying Islands U. Thank you for your interest! We will get back to you soon. Car Finder Finance About Contact. Speed Digital.The GMC 6-cylinder 60 degree V-type engine has two banks of cylinders with overhead valve mechanism.

So what engine do you have? The V-6 engine has the model and Serial number stamped on the top of the block just forward of the right head. Sample number, E This is looking at the number on the block of my All rating are for first year engine was used, many got bumped up in Horsepower and Torque during there run.

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Used in in series trucks. Droped from line in The D was an option inand standard for in series trucks. The C was the same as a B except for manifold and carburetor which provide increase horsepower.

Info from GMC Broucher, year range unknown.

GMC 7000 specs for Sale ( Price from $275.00 to $3007169.00)

If you ever run into some old magazine adds from it mentions the Magnum engine available as a high performance option. The 's were available both as Magnums and small port head C engines up to In the was stroked to abut never got the Magnum heads and retained the anemic little WW2 carburetor.

The intake manifold design was different on the magnum engines to give more power and better torque by adding an internal baffle that acts to develop better fuel distribution and also pulses that help to charge the cylinders better. The exhaust manifolds have bigger and smoother passages and are not restricted at the collector. They are found in and up series trucks. Magnum Head V6's have much higher flowing exhaust manifolds due to the larger ports and passages and the collector is considerably larger like about 3 inches in diameter.

The E is in all reality a pickup truck version of the M engine and has large ports and passages in the manifold, but it has the bottleneck at the collector just like all the A, D and E V6 manifolds. These manifolds are identified by their I-beam shape.

The bigger "M" heads will bolt to a if you're into increasing the performance of your engine. Other then that you'll have to have it Custom Matched. You time the left bank first.

gmc 7000 specs

Oil Capacities Engine Model Quarts. Contact the GMC Guy. In the E replaced the D in series trucks. In the V6 was introduced for use in the series trucks. In the E was offered series trucks. Oil Capacities Engine Model. Spicer Aux Transmission. Return to GMC Trucks.The medium-duty GMC trucks are equipped with gasoline and diesel engines for maximum towing capacity. The Ford F and Dodge Ram are competitors.

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Initially identified as the C-Series, GMC officially took on the TopKick moniker when the second generation of trucks was launched in Financially troubled GM announced in that it planned to sell its medium-duty truck line. The medium-duty GMC TopKick is formally identified as the C Series with a gross vehicle weight rating ranging from 16, to 63, lbs. Seven models were offered in regular and crew-cab configurations.

Models featured two- and four-wheel-drive. The trucks are primarily used in regional hauling operations, such as carrying cargo from one city to another, or for workhouse duty at construction sites employed as dump trucks or water trucks. They are also used as flatbed haulers and tow trucks. The medium-duty TopKick features a state-of-the-art comfortable interior with driver- and passenger-side airbags, air-suspension bucket seats, a curved instrument panel for easy navigation, underseat storage and two volt AC power outlets.

A special feature was an automatic shutdown system for the engine to prevent damage if the engine suddenly lost oil pressure or experienced another malfunction. The medium-duty GMC could be equipped with one of three engines: the gasoline-powered horsepower Vortec 8.

The horsepower diesel is perhaps the most popular of the three engine selections. It features a 4-inch bore, 3. The engine wields foot-pounds of torque, the twisting energy generated inside the engine to give the truck its hauling capacity.

Power is transmitted via a six-speed Allison manual transmission.

gmc 7000 specs

The medium-duty TopKick was offered in a or inch wheelbase and measured inches long, Average curbside weight depending on the model was 11, lbs. The horsepower Duramax diesel TopKick, which generated foot-pounds of torque, could achieve 0 to 60 mph in Gas mileage was about 8 miles per gallon. Payload capacity was 5, lbs. This article was written by the It Still Runs team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.

To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Runs, contact us. Features The medium-duty TopKick features a state-of-the-art comfortable interior with driver- and passenger-side airbags, air-suspension bucket seats, a curved instrument panel for easy navigation, underseat storage and two volt AC power outlets.